Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The ones who appreciate the art, become receptacles of an inexhaustible source of energy that will help in the recovering of good health , in the harmony of the energies and in their renewal . But is not only art for healing but it may be used to create a healing environment . The secrets of the sacred geometry shaped in the artworks , open a channel to stages of consciousness where the persons will perceive inner harmony and peace , while happiness will spring from their hearts . The art becomes a tool for meditation and guidance in the spiritual search . The images are elaborated in such a way that they allow the flow of the energy not only to the persons , but to the environment , liberating it from accumulated negative energies while bringing positive energies that will contribute to prosperity and integral well being . Through the art of the mystic artist , Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell, the stress and worries disappear . It fills our hearts and thoughts with hope , dreams and motivation to express our best capabilities.

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