Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Difficult Discovery

Scientists, mathematicians, physicists, biologists got together, trying to find a more complex and profound truth. And they all looked at each other and they felt most powerful. Then, one of them, with an authoritarian voice said: "You know that every science is truly great and complicated, very deep and elaborated. But there is something deeper and more complex than science. Something that is unexplainable, and is neither science nor technology."
What is it, he was asked?
"It's not found in books or hypothesis. It is beyond reasoning., he continued"
Who discovered such mystery, who deciphered that prodigy?, he was asked again
And the answer was: " A child, who discovered in another child, the secret of a tender smile. And now they share a sincere friendship"
And these erudite were most surprised. And they concluded in their laboratory, in a scientific writing and in their own minds:. "This is most difficult"

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