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First, we have to define the meaning of good health and then we will be able to understand the reason of losing it and how to bring it back. But this topic is vast and in this introduction, it will be developed as a small grain of sand with many more to be added until becoming a large and strong mountain.
Good health is a perfect harmony among the inner self and the external universe . It also is fullness of Love in all its manifestations and recollections . And essentially is spiritual peace because to be healthy is to generate and regenerate in the good , as much personal as social , as much physical as psychological.
The spiritual health is above everything : Self knowledge, self acceptance ; it is to flow in a perfect harmony of perfect balance based on " To live and let live " and based on " To be and to let go".
And from this . we can infer that good health is harmony which is productive , constructive and collaborative. It is a personal and also a group process where the individual collaborates and participates with the whole universe , having respect for its order ,norms , principles and foundations.
In order to be healthy is necessary to have the ability , of looking for good as a goal, not in a passive , tedious or boring way.
To be healthy requires information and profundity .Good health requires of progress in the ability and understanding of living and coexisting among ourselves and nature , otherwise the balance of life is unnecessarily and unavoidably broken .
Illness as great evil of ever process that precedes death is defined as the rupture of the inner balance . In principle, illness is the lack or absence or Peace , of the presence od Love, which is not only a noble feeling, but is the vital energy that allows to maintain the functions of life.
The spiritual definitions is that the sickest persons are the ones who are selfish, envious, idler, lustfull ,morbid, sadist , cruel, arrogant, or the ones who enjoy any evil. And besides, the one who does not have self respect and appreciation for the world around.
Harmony does not exist in illness, since this is mortification and the product of a difference of excess giving place to lack of the elements needed for renovation or regeneration towards good health.
The emphasis on this spiritual topic is that the mirror where good health is reflected is on happiness. And the mirror where illness is reflected is on bitterness.
The human soul tries to find happiness but happiness can not be given by any man ,culture, doctrine or institution can only be given through a personal relationship with God and it is needed ,to want, to improve, to accept our mistakes, to recognize and not to go in denial. Spiritually saying, we are receptacles, capable of containing the energy of renewal and health . We have to believe in a superior good and without doubts, to accept this option in our lives, to illuminate the darkness of illness which dissipates and extinguishes it. From the spiritual perspective , illness is the implicit lack of love.

We conclude and point out that illness is : hate , lie , slander , jealousy . Pretending to be the only owners , and trying to make out of man , an slave of the evil called power and control .
Illness happens when the soul is sad , with no hope , she can't look inside and she can't make of that inner space , a clamor for Peace .
But if man finds himself lost and prisoner to the compulsion of evil and lies, and if he clamors with sincerity , even once , there is a wonderful truth: That clamor will move the spirit of life and will move heaven and Mercy will show .
This is the spiritual healing : When the heart is open , the grace of transfiguration is received , disappearing evil in its essence . Then, man abandons his lack of love and begins to walk in the conscious practice of Peace , which is the natural source of spiritual health.

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