Thursday, February 14, 2008

Forgive and Forget. For Reflection

To forgive is larger than to forget. Since, it is forgiven not because the wound is not open anymore but because I can see beyond my pain to the point of believing that the one who hurt, who damaged me, may be able to change and become a better person. And not to suffer the same wound and not to go through the same desolation again since forgiveness is the most genuine manifestation of the divine presence in the human heart.
Forgiveness does not mean that we are going to pretend that the things did not happen, but to be conscious of having been hurt and mistreated but definitely not believing in the mistreatment. The genuine forgiveness is always born of God's love which strengthens man, and turns him into love itself, not because man is masochistic, neither for the size of the physical, moral, psychological, superficial or permanent wound but because forgiveness is the will of God, who calls to conciliation and peace to that one who has committed the damage, that one who is the actor and conductor of evil.
This is forgiveness: You hurt me but I call you to Love, so that you can be different, so that you can realize that there is no reason for violence. And you, who hurt me, you are free from the primordial evil since forgiveness is the vocation of an even larger forgiveness, which is that God becomes present in the heart of each one and of all. That is the reason that to forgive is truly superior, it is to be reborn, to transform and to raise above any conflict. Victim and executioner, then, stop being bully and abused and all darkness will pass because to forgive always is to hope in Love.

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