Monday, March 31, 2008

The Enchanted Forest

In the enchanted forest the trees withered and the lakes and rivers dried. The birds stop singing and flew away from that sky. The flowers withered also, the sun got darker and not even the moon showed her pale shine. The wind froze. It seemed that everything was dead.

The days passed and the earth was dry because the enchanted forest became full of demons and their howls and shrieks were heard. That enchanted forest was sad and desolated. Was all lost? Was all destroyed?

More time passed but one day a very small light appeared in that enchanted forest, that would grow more and more every day. The light became large and full of colors and the fields became full of flowers. The terrified demons went away. The lakes and rivers were full again with abundant fish. The sky became full of colors, the moon was shining. The valleys became green with plenty of delicious fruits. The forest became splendorous.

And I did not understand what was happening. How could that small light changed everything? It transformed everything. It all came back to life. They could not deadly wound Love. Because the light of Hope will live forever in that enchanted forest.

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