Friday, April 04, 2008

Learning to Fly. For Reflection

Many, many years ago, before Civilization was known as such, a man looked at the sky and to the birds flying and singing, flapping their wings, going up and coming down. And the man started to flap his arms as if they were wings. The day and afternoon passed and the night came. His arms were tired, to the point that he could not lift them up.

The next day, he started to flap his arms again and he did this for several days until his arms became rigid and he started experiencing a lot of pain and to feel sad, desolated and frustrated. And he would think: " How is possible for others to play in the height of that wonderful sky?" While he was like encrusted to the earth.

He then, experiencing a lot of pain, went to get consolation in the wise advice of the oldest man of the region. When he reached him, he saw that the old man was smiling while contemplating the flying of the birds.
He told the old man about his sadness: " I want to be able to fly but my arms do not know how. I am under a lot of pain because I tried for days and nights but it did not happen. It was even worse because I could not even get up not even a little bit. My arms seem like old branches pointing to the ground. But my dream was the sky. What can I do?"

And the wise man said: " Come and sit by my side, let's see how those birds play and have fun in that blue sky. Give your arms some rest that only time will heal. Look, I will teach you how to fly like any of those birds. Center your look but above everything, open your heart, then, you will start feeling that there is no distance between you and those birds flying and that wonderful sky because in truth the one who flies has to learn to Love. Then, with the happiness of the bird, raise your look to the sky and then, you are already flying. Then, you don't touch the ground. You are already in the sky and you learn to fly in this way"

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