Friday, May 23, 2008

The Color of the Flower is the Happiness of God

Do you know why the sky is blue? Do you know why the flowers have colors? Do you know why the paths reach a certain destiny?
The sky is reflection of the sea. The color of the flower is the happiness of God. And the destiny is the end or beginning of each human being alive.
There is a mystery in everything, which has to be resolved by each one; that is the reason that there is a tomorrow either to begin or to end.
The flower that is been born is like hope, trust and Love. A flower that withers is like the farewell, like disillusionment, even worse, like the death of love. But, somewhat, we all are part of a shared destiny that can be happy or sad and which we will reach as a goal or we will abandon without having taken either a step.
The true life is for the ones who have the courage to live and the life that is not life is for the one who does not surrender to feel and to listen to what his heart wants to say.
The sky is blue for the one who follows his dreams and makes them come true. But the sky will be gray for the one who does not dare to feel even his own heart. For these ones, there will be no sea, no sky, no flower, no smiles, no hope but the destiny coming to an end only. And it will be like the withered flower. There will be no solution. There will be no cure, only the end.

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