Monday, May 12, 2008

Sparkles. Short Story. For Reflection

Short Story about She and the Other One.

The sun came out looking magnificent and when She looked through the window said:
" How dreadful is the light!"
The Other One, on the contrary, smiled and was grateful to life.The morning continued and the birds of the sky sang along with the morning and when She listened, She said:
" These animals make so much noise and are so fastidious!"
But the Other One, enjoyed in silence, to see the birds of the sky expressing their happiness and thought: " The sky and the rain give me happiness, this is a song that not only brings joy to the hearts but also nourishes the earth. How beautiful is the rain!"
The afternoon passed and the night arrived along with the stars, but She said:
" Small pieces of light, insignificant little stars, they should be darkness instead."
But the Other One was happy and said: " Welcome my friends, you are so pretty and beautiful but above everything, you are always there so we can contemplate you."
It happened then, that Death and Life had to choose that day whom they would take, and we can understand what happened, Life wanted to appeal for the two and tried to rescue them but Death said: " Life, let's not have a discussion, my strange sister, because another mornings will come, let each of us take what is ours today." And they did. The next morning, only one voice of life was heard: " How beautiful is the light of the morning!"

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