Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Process of Learning. The Spiritual Life.

The process of learning, is in truth, the process of experiencing, and what the spiritual science refers to, is that the living experience should try to, and should finally reach what can not be reached by any other method : A lasting peace, which, of course will take us to a personal relationship with God, including in this whole dynamics, an elaborated improvement in our consciousness and in our conduct towards all that exist in the universe.
So that, to learn is to initiate us in the discernment of the conscious practice, of the method of spiritual awakening, discovering and recognizing the real needs that cover life expectancy.
Because, the aspects that are evident as love, service, surrender are not the only ones that are spiritual, but the elemental aspects are also spiritual, as the ones required in daily life : to love, to breath and to self develop in all the stages, including, of course, from the economic to the intimate things, because the spiritual life is like that. It is not something distant to look at, but is something of the daily living.

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