Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Meaning of Mystic Healing Art.

An image, is a center of attention, concentration and abstraction. Besides this fact, which is evident, there are other happenings, as truly extraordinary as every person is. Yes, every person has the ability in his unconscious, to see with his brain, with his heart, with a superior sense called intuition. All this can be summarized in an easy explanation which is absolutely real: To feel with the heart. In other words, it does not need reasoning to understand, does not need to listen, in order to know, since immediately, understands, comprehends, knows and relates and interacts and flows, better said, navigates and surrenders, embraces and becomes one with the image.
Why is this?
Because, these Mystic Healing Art images have been configured with the secret keys that configure life. The circle is the sign and living sense of balance, harmony, perfection and Love. We find in its center, a star, representing balance which is the universal law, that sustains life and therefore is Love, because has inner equilibrium, because there is equilibrium in everything in existence.

The star has always represented the union of man and the universe. The circle represents infinity and that combination is called Eternity.
And what eternity would be without peace and peace without love and love without peace and peace without health and love?

Man, has inner mechanisms which know that language and this is called intuitive understanding. We can see a face and besides knowing whether he is happy or not, we can feel if we are accepted or rejected. We can feel love or hatred, without being told, we know, we understand, we see.

Mystic Healing Art is a key that reveals, that liberates the potential that exists in each one of us. The purpose of this art is not to be seen as religious article, but as valuable tool assisting to be able to look inside and see all the Love and plenitude which exist on every beat of our own heart.
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