Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Smile and the Tear

A voice filled with anguish and desperation was heard in a house of the town who said: "A smile has been lost and nobody can find her, where is she?"
There was silence and after a few minutes, it was heard in another house:" A tear has been lost, where is she? nobody can find her."
Then, all the lights were turned on and everybody started searching and asking: " Have you seen her? Did you see her pass?"
Finally, the townspeople searched and searched but could not find them; and they searched so far that they found themselves near a big mountain, but since they could not find them, they decided to go to the top of the mountain.
All the people escalated the mountain, which they have never done before since the top was very steep and sharp-edged; and there in the very same top, in a very small space, they saw the smile and the tear. The winds were very strong at that height and the smallest mistake would make them fall and then, they would die for sure.
The smile and the tear were embraced and their relatives started calling them: " Smile, come here!""Tear, come right now!" But they did not answer.The winds kept getting stronger and they called them again: " Smile, please come down." "Tear, come down here."
Then, they answered: " We wanted to be friends for a long time but you did not let us, you tried to separate us, even more, you spoke bad, you tried to influence us to feel hatred, anger and despise each other but that did not happen. We chose this place because we thought that you could not reach us and now we don't want to be separated, even more, we would rather die than be separated."
Their relatives were truly very different but when they heard what they said, they felt ashamed and they had to recognize that they had been wrong; and decided that they had to respect the differences and then, they said:" Smile and Tear, please come down, we love you and you both can be friends"
And it happened that Smile and Tear came down and approached their relatives and they laughed and cried. And now, in that town, their people are more fulfilled and happier. Everybody can express freely without fear of been mistreated or discriminated.
Persons can laugh, cry and that is the reason that they have evolved in the art of living.

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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