Sunday, December 27, 2009

When Everything seems to be Lost

I know that there are times in which heaven seems to be like stone, the earth seems a hot iron and if we take a step back, we would face the abyss. Situations, circumstances, where we feel that we don't have any kind of control. And where everything is loss, desolation, loneliness, misery and anguish.
But you must understand that in those moments, you are accompanied by an inner, superior force that wants to help you, but needs that you discover that there is power in faith. And although the resources and possibilities seem terrible, you have to know that it is the time and opportunity to be yourself. And by feeling apparently alone, you call unto God since you have this ability.
If the world seems to be burning, you can meet the Creator who will not allow anything to hurt you but you have to do the effort of improving and excelling because the conditions that you are facing now, have not come alone, since there are series of events in which you have intervened directly or indirectly and which have made you vulnerable.
But remember that this is the exterior world, in the inner world, in your faith, God has put a commandment, which is to love you and to lead you towards peace and prosperity. But you must grow and mature, you have to go beyond your senses and allow Love to intervene and in this way, you will know his strength, his purity, his compassion, his justice and his kindness.
Take refuge in prayer, but not as a escape but as fortitude where you will recover from the wounds. Life, sometimes, turns into a terrible battle but you have to learn to be yourself, to search for good, expressing charity and equity and then, you will gather the fruits. If you think that you are not getting them, that life is not fair, that you are thirsty, hungry, that you are experiencing cold and disease, don't think that everything has been lost.
I have been and I have known extreme situations but the presence of God has always intervened. The creation is Love and Love keeps on being the primordial light. It may be that you are sick, alone, that you feel confused, that they have broken your heart in a thousand pieces, that your friends have left you, that nobody comes to see you.
It may even happen that you are in a desert with nobody in sight, or you may be in a mountain made out of iron. Or you may not have food, you may feel exhausted, or feeling the open wounds and feeling like dying. Or you may feel like facing hell, or in front of a killer who wants to hurt you. It does not matter, how serious the situation is. I want you to know that God exists and that he is waiting for you to open your heart and receive Him.
Then, you will see the Creator in you. But don't look for Him only in times of need but because He is wisdom, justice, truth and especially because He loves you since you were in your mother's womb. He is the source of life and the life of the whole universe.
He will never abandon you. When your last moment comes in life and you start facing death, don't think that He has left you.
He will always be with you and at the same time, He will always be waiting for you. His embrace is absolute, whole. He will not push you back. Call unto Him and be as worthy as possible to receive Him. Although we cannot raise to Him, be humble to listen, to look for Him and although you may be in an extreme situation, He will always be in you. He will never abandon you.
Author/Artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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