Monday, January 17, 2011

Zen Art. For Inspiration and Abundant Positive Energy

"Inner Strength" Original Painting from the Zen Art Collection

This Art Work is inspired by the forces of Nature, the balance between what is revealed and what is hidden in order to show the inner light .

Some will see harmony and color in the Art, others will see movement, expansion, and others will see calm, serenity, as well as, inner strength and much more.
All this is because the nature of the art vibrates like the fertile earth, like the sun, the stars and the hearts.

This art is an expression, recognition and tribute to Being, Living, Thinking, Loving and Dreaming. This art offers attention, concentration, inspiration and continuous motivation in order to achieve fullness of life, wisdom,

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Zen Art Gallery welcomes you and invites you to see its fine Art Collection by Oscar Basurto Carbonell.
The Gallery is conveniently located in the Bird Road Art District in Miami, Florida -Shown by appointment only-
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