Friday, July 27, 2007


The man who walks with the eyes open, sees what he thinks is the reality but as the day gets darker he can't proceed. And if there was a faint brightness, he may fall down in the abyss if he comes closer to a curve in the road.

Faith is more than a light. Faith is a guide in the path of eternity. Even more, it is Wisdom that opens the heart, Love that moves the hardest heart, peace that renews and makes life possible. And especially, Faith is the Love present in every moment, that shelters, preserves, protects and also nourishes and offers solidarity.

It never discriminates but always accompanies, cries and laughs for us and in us. Faith is not only the word. Faith is Hope, Life, fulfilled promise, infinite tenderness. Faith is yesterday, today and always. When the man walks with Faith, although his eyes seem to be closed, he will reach his goal because God is taking him by the hand.

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