Saturday, August 11, 2007


I want you to be the most beautiful star and to live as the only rose of the garden . Your aroma , full of mysteries . Your presence pure . Your color to be as bright as the sun at noon . I want the most special care of the Soul , the most delicate attention and when dreaming , to embrace the Soul as holder of heaven .
The Soul is Faith . The Soul is Hope . The Soul is Understanding which does not get discouraged . Is the voice of a child , is the presence of a noble heart , the attitude of a saint , is superior intelligence . The Soul must be cared for , since all the power of life , all candor and purity lives in her . She is eternal creativity , is the magic of happiness . The Soul is cared for with tenderness , with the exquisite Love of devotion to God , our Lord .
Mystic Healing Art

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Melba said...

You write very well.