Wednesday, September 19, 2007


All the persons have experienced doubts and confusion, at some stage of their lives.But we should not consider this as defeat, but rather to see that these experiences will allow the realization of our limits.
But those experiences should be overcome, that is why, doubts are a calling to work, excel and persevere.
We experience confusion by self denial, forgetting about our possibilities and in truth, this only happens when we don't want to improve.
We all are rich, holy, wise in a potential state, but it is through perseverance and work that we will see the fruits and a very important point, a torch of light, that will guide us in the darkness is:
Let's never abandon faith.
Let's never stop believing in Love.
Let's follow the path of hope.
And let's build in trust and in constant creative love.
And then all doubts, fears, confusion and uncertainty will disappear. Then, the limits, only point to us that we have to reach the summit to see in the horizon the wonderful light of reality and peace.
Mystic Healing Art

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