Sunday, September 09, 2007


To live means fullness per se . Nevertheless , very few understand this mystery and try to deepen in what seems very secret, hidden or esoteric . Therefore , we are going to refresh somewhat the question of living .

Life is not by chance, accident or cold destiny. Life has a foundation and reason of being . To life in fullness is to agree with the reason of being, which is the reason of living . In order to understand we must assimilate in this moment that life must have a good structure , that is to say , elements that characterize and personalize it, since in fact, there could be no fullness if we lack peace. And Peace has many pre- requisites like : Self knowledge, respect, appreciation and many others. But each one of them implies confidence and trust in spiritual values of moral, ethic and religious kind.

Let´s make a small parenthesis because we do not want to lose ourselves in so many terms but to have the right understanding. Fullness necessarily means peace . Peace necessarily means depth of life . And life is naturally integrated to spiritual devotion .

When we clarify and explain we understand that we have peace because our consciousness is committed with a spiritual work . And receives Love as a grace . From this Love comes fullness. And is not that peace comes from me but comes to me because I have and meekness and I actively practice loving God. This fortifies my consciousness and conduct. Then life is full because of the grace of the knowledge of the fullness that comes from the Love of God.


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