Monday, January 28, 2008

Meditation. Stillness of the Mind.Serenity of the Heart

Meditation grows in the silence, in the stillness of the mind, in the serenity of the heart. But, not to separate from life but rather, to become one. And then, not to experience any difference between the river and the blood. Between the wind and the breath. Between the skin and the whole surface of the earth. To experience the stars in the eyes and the sun in the heart. In the spirit of Love, who with devotion, praises the existence but above everything, praises the Creator.

Meditation is the immense source of sweetness that has no beginning and no end. Who always says with tenderness:
"Be the best and do excel but all this done with humility. Get your strength in the confidence of a tangible and real good, where you can always plant the seed of peace"

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