Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Secret of Happiness

I am going to reveal, the secret of happiness which is not an exclusive science, told by this or that one. Rather is, an inner care, very delicate, in truth, but that necessarily applies as a perfect mathematical formula, which makes of life, earth, men and the spaces of this world and of many other worlds, a circle of perfect harmony.

It is to take good care of the ones close by or near you, and to instill true friendship. This allows your smile, your happiness as well as the others, to expand more, everyday in you and in others.

Start with a small goal...
Happiness is initiated as a small seed but once it is awaken, it grows and starts embracing everything as fire that does not burn, but gives light and warmth, that in turn, is human and divine. And that once is lighted, it never denies anyone, on the contrary, is a torch in your path. But for this, to cover the universe, is necessary that you always be natural, and that in turn, you welcome everyone as precious treasures.

Leave behind, the animosity, feed on happiness and forgiveness. And always put God first
in your heart.

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