Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Art of Living. Reflection. Inspirational

The spiritual path is filled with dreams expectations and great hopes.All these are very important, significant and necessary but there is something that has to complement all this desire to excel which is:
Loving the work to be done as a discipline of time and space. It is there where in truth the identity and the practical commitment for spiritual achievement
so much desired will be forged.

The accomplishment of spiritual experiences such as:Peace, control and abundant health
can't be only aspirations. It is not only to close our eyes nor to be filled with lovely ideas
but also is dedication and commitment.

All this wonderful universe that surround us is the product of a just equilibrium in which we all learn to give and to receive. Love will make us free and filled with wisdom and to reach Love and Wisdom one has to be patient, tolerant, a worthy student in a practical way of the sincere and true: "Art of Living"

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