Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Great Search.Life and its Mystery

When silence speaks, the word listens, when the word speaks, silence listens; when silence stops talking, the word speaks, when the word stops talking, silence speaks. The origin of the all and the nothing, come from a common source. They are and it is the image that is seen and the one that is hidden, they are and it is the science that knows and discovers and they also are the science that does not know and that ignores.

Man can devise and lose himself in his reflection and can find and get the revelation about what for the thought is impossible to analyze and to solve.
The all and the nothing are like a container, where life exists. Its form and walls are firm and concrete, its emptiness contains the great vast sea of the probabilities of the future non lived yet, but that someday will be lived. It is a glass filled with its own emptiness.
How can word and silence be separated, if they are one? But always, one stops talking and the other arises and always one expresses while the other waits. The all and the nothing reflect life and its mystery.

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