Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meditation. The Unconditional Reality.

Beyond everything, beyond nothing, is man in front of himself. When we deepen in the meditation, then, the forms and the concepts, preferences, indifferences or what we reject, they all cease, we are left without solitude, direction, goal, or path.

This might seem a great contradiction but the answer is: that the form is contained in the no form and the moment has arrived that everything has been transcended even the transcending itself, neither viewer nor vision, there is nothing that can be compared.
What has then been achieved of the meditation of this whole process of total and final dissolution, what do we leave or do we reach?

The answer is of course, beyond words. It is that which is completely indescribable, also inconceivable. It is the mind without mind, beyond the form and the no form, beyond freedom or slavery, wisdom or ignorance, certainly it is to have overcome and transcended all the forms, causes, effects, reasons and no reasons.
Then, there is no longer any distance, is no longer necessary to make or not to make, there is no purpose then, where are we, where have we arrived?

Let's make a pause this reflection and the same time ...
The unconditional has arisen, rather, the condition which is by itself unconditional, that doesn't conceive either actions or reactions.

Let's pause again...
All the frontiers have fallen and the reasons begin to be distinguished clearly. The reasons of the thought and of the feeling, no longer contain the man. Purity is so pure that not only goes beyond everything that shines but beyond ignorance and wisdom:
The Unconditional Reality.

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