Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tenderness. Inspirational. For Reflection.

When we think big, our imagination goes beyond open fields to sidereal spaces and these are great experiences. But, what is truly and absolutely greater is to experience tenderness. When it touches us deeply, we are left speechless.

This feeling exceeds reflection and goes beyond analysis, leaving us face to face with Truth Itself, in front of which, we all are vulnerable, in front of which, we all surrender. Because the truth of Love is an unlimited life in plenitude and spirit, which really overflows, removing all the obstacles of selfishness. Since Love is service, surrender, shared happiness, which does not decrease but keeps growing.

There are so many reasons of tenderness around us.! This is the true greatness of life, found in the small things, in the day by day. Let's reflect and let's not miss the fundamental. We don't have to travel to far away places because the Happiness of Life is found in front of us.

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