Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Discipline. Inspirational.

The perspiration, blood and soil joined. And from the steps on the path, the footprints formed. For some, is destiny and for others, it simply is the mystery that is woven between heaven and earth.
Destiny is the same mystery , that every day is traveled in the circle of life. Will it be by will or by decision that this soul that I called mine expands in the infinity of life ?
And the feeling, the thinking, the actions have been interwoven and the rigor of the discipline has been fused. Will this be Divine Will ? Will it be inexorable punishment ?
You can only understand when by virtue of the work and effort of having sowed in the path, our hands are hurt with the thorns. And from the blood arises the red flower, blood that being mixed with seed and soil, gives the rose of fire.
Feeling, passion, consciousness make me aware of my own incomprehension. And there, I look for the true God because He knows how to heal my wounds. He knows the answer to every question. He makes of the discipline : Honor, dignity, and a path of truth out of the effort.
Mystic Healing Art

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