Friday, December 26, 2008

The Gift of Spiritual Splendor

It is not a flower but with more candor. It is not aroma but all the flowers together and all their essence, would not be closer to its extraordinary aroma. It dissipates darkness, even better than light. Its power is higher than the highest mountain. Its greatness is even greater than the immensity of the sea. Perhaps, it can only be compared with the serenity of the blue sky because it always has peace and tranquility. To sum up : It is all the good summarized in a gift of purity and holiness. Only an evolved heart is capable of being a wise man enamored of Love. And this crowns it as the gift of spiritual splendor. The door to the vision of clarity. Even the angels are small in front of such immensity. This gift is called: "Humility."
Mystic Healing Art

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