Friday, January 09, 2009

The Importance of Listening.

This is a subject directly related to joy and happiness . It is beyond riches and poverty , even beyond everything . This everything may be good health and disease .

The Love that we receive and the Love that we give are most important . Every living being needs recognition , understanding , dedication , support , affection , tenderness . The plenitude of life is not the gold but the treasure of been accepted . This is a process , similar to a very fine instrument , which has to be perfectly tuned in order to give the best of itself . Here is one of the pillars , the foundation that supports a creative , strong , healthy and generous society .

The persons are not prepared , even more , they are not educated to have consideration and the right attitude .

We have to reflect , to meditate , to consider the consequences for every performance in life . Because life is made of the right fulfillment of our actions and the little touches are most important .

We all are important . We all are royalty and subjects . We all are children of Love , Peace and Justice but very few know this and their actions are completely opposed .

Man is constantly hurting himself .
This is necessary to consider and understand :
And it happens when our actions are not the ones that our spiritual nature demands as children of true Love , as sensible and conscious beings of an active spirituality and not by coincidence but by order , harmony and peace .

The list of requirements may seem endless but it may be summarized in being real , original , true , authentic and in love with life .

We don't have a real existence if we don't have a real participation if the interest is not genuine , if the conscience does not grow , expands , blooms , improves .

Then , we are closing our eyes , living in darkness , in the kingdom of shadows .
True Love is not only poetry , a passing affection , or a simple expression of love . It is an expression of constant improvement and renewal .

Our happiness is found beyond giving and receiving but through that process , life awakes and the spiritual intelligence expands and grows in life . And life is the art and inspiration of the Divine Creator .
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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