Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Origin of Virtue. Realization and Experience

People may think that is necessary to have a profound, vast spirit, a sharp capacity of reflection and a firm, unalterable method of discernment. But, mainly, what is most important is to be more natural, much more fragile, vulnerable and pure.
Everything starts when a need, a thirst of knowing, of learning is discovered. And essentially, when we learn to listen with the heart. Since, only in this way, the spirit understands, the mind matures and the eyes of the soul, open. When man declares with his word, praising the truth of Love. The one who listens is nourished, renewed and strengthened. And by this grace, the work is done in the consciousness because there is clarity in the heart.
To discern means, to value wisdom. Also, to mature in experience, and to approach understanding. Because the mind is drawing up a map which begins in a humble way, by a first trace, that is like a first step, to seal the commitment of life, which determines that man is not a passive observant of destiny but that he will look for the spiritual means to evolve and grow. Because in the inspired word, the faith deepens, Love becomes alive. Since, after listening, then is wanted to live. And this is revealed and transformed into a flower. Because the knowledge preserves purity and wisdom. Enriching and motivating all the life of man. And thus this is learned and known, by listening to Virtue, which gives place to its realization and experience
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