Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meditation. Short Story. For Reflection

The meditator opened his eyes after long hours of meditation and he saw the picture of a beautiful landscape in front of him.
And he wondered: “How can I see this landscape and it cannot see me?”
And he asked the picture:“Why don’t you see me?”
And the picture answered: ” I do see you.”
“How can you see me if you don’t have eyes?” asked the meditator.
And the picture said:“I don’t need eyes to see you, I can see you anyway.”
“I don’t understand you” said the meditator.
And the picture said: “Close your eyes. And now you see me and I see you because there is no distance neither separation.”
The meditator, then, understood and knew that the picture had always been looking at him. And from that moment on, he understood that he could see. That everybody could see; and to remember, he only had to close his eyes.
Since everyone was there:The seer and the vision. The vision and the seer.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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