Monday, January 19, 2009

Self Control Spiritual Self Control

We usually try to define a subject and usually end up by been redundant and without a clear and definite explanation. By example, when we say, the word, "relaxing," are we tranquil and calmed, maybe? In the same way, the term "self control" has been defined, as control of ourselves, but this explanation deserves to be improved and explained. Self control is not a method of action or individual sensation, beyond other psychological, spiritual elements, but rather, the result of many processes and sub processes at the same time.
Self control comes from processes as intimate and personal as self love, directing us immediately, to take responsibility for the action . And not because, we may feel that we should take action in a certain way, but it means to take action in a disciplined way towards ourselves.
Self control evolves together with other processes, becoming more complete, as discipline and order in life. Then, this self love also is a conscious commitment of been alert and to watch for possible mistakes or confusions. This will take us to the method of self control, which needs of study and reflection, discipline and practice, which will crown, this logical, practical and realistic goal.
But, there is another self control, deeper and more complete and perfect: The Mystic Self Control, derivation of an important spiritual experience, not only of visions, and perceptions of worlds, planes, or superior concepts, but from an experience of grace, that increases and is explained like this: When, spiritually, we receive Love, this mystic experience, liberates man from selfishness and transforms the personal love into universal Love.
Then, man acquires equilibrium, and temperance which are integral and are not found in motives of conflict or frustration, and that heart is in equilibrium, and can't be confused because of his peace and serenity, reaching, then, the mystic contemplation in the flowing of his spirit, which is constant emanation of grace, serenity and calm.
This self control is spontaneous and free, without conflict and contradiction. Now, going back to the beginning: By observing our actions and consciously guiding them, in an initial form of control, which will keep on developing, because this comes from spiritual strength, which looks for peace and plenitude of grace, and this is the reason, and the path to control: Self look and self analysis and to choose the appropriate method for not breaking the balance, between our will and the universe.
And this self control is an intrinsic and explicit answer to the behavior and equilibrium that exist in man and the universe. The spiritual self control is more than reasoning since comes before motivation of faith in superior virtues. At the beginning, good is imitated or copied, then, with study and reflection, self control becomes the method of life, which will be applied to our whole being. Self control is not a sentence, sword, or thorns in the heart, but rather is the order in a song, as rhythm, melody, perfect measure of the notes and silence to reach the desired goals.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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