Friday, March 13, 2009

Self Improvement. What makes the difference is...

Life is not a coincidence. We don't have a predetermined destiny and we are not supposed to simply survive.
We are beings created by True Love, we have a wonderful potential to live in abundance and this means that there is a talent or many natural, spiritual talents, which we have to develop and experience such as friendship, generosity, wisdom.
These experiences of life, will give us the answer to our purpose in life and also the wisdom to realize superior goals. Let's use time in a clear, concise and correct way. We have to understand that we are centers of energy and our will attracts good or bad.
We learn from every new moment and the most important teaching is that we are living reflections of Divine Love.
Peace, harmony, good health and progress are real and natural, even, healthy spiritual aspirations. Let's reflect and let's do the right actions and let's not live only to pass through. Let's enjoy learning and let's concentrate our attention in every detail of existence, in order to have gratitude to the Creator, to life, and to our fellow beings.
This relationship is very simple, but very valuable and can become a treasure in our life. The persons who appreciate time and space are conscious that every moment is as eternity and eternity is as every moment. The difference is in the Love that we put in our actions . Peace.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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Chris said...

yes,self improvement is the thing we should aim for in our life's journey