Sunday, March 01, 2009

When Facing Pain. For Reflection

Much has been written about pain, in the lives of the human beings and in the world. To the point that is assumed as a natural condition, and is said: That is inevitable, unless the real spiritual awakening or illumination is reached, which allows to transcend the consciousness of the world and in this way, there is no justification of attachment neither with man nor with the world.
Thus, pain is transcended and besides, is necessary to generate a moral, compassionate, just and proper attitude so that, we do not contribute to generate more pain. And this is most interesting. But is not the aim of the story.
There is much to say.Pain can be classified in: Internal, external, objective, subjective, personal, social, psychological, spiritual, physical, superficial, deep, complex, direct, indirect, tragic, traumatic, frightful, terrifying.
In short, so much can be said about pain, that we certainly must recognize that is very close. But this does not have to mean; that pain must be the only option and that in order to be free from it, one must assume that the world is a valley of tears, and that we must bear our suffering and that in addition, suffering is good, even healthy.
I believe that all this should deserve our respect but I also think that is a regrettable form to justify pain.There is pain, certainly, in ignorance, in unconsciousness. But accepting pain, is to become his accomplice, to join alliances, to justify a doctrine.
Or even more, is to chain all in order to save all. It is like saying that pain saves us from pain.Pain, is the loss of Peace and Harmony, the lack of progress, friendship and love.
I think that is better to consider that the lack of solidarity, justice, compassion and service, are the immediate causes of pain, but I don’t want to justify pain.I must say that necessarily, pain must be separated of our life. And don’t think that pain because of pain, can’t bring any good. And here the sacrifice is understood, since is another sphere, where what is handled is not pain, but love that surpasses pain, and that the search for harmony, is not because everything is harmony, but that life must have order, exposition, method, doctrine, philosophy, science, faith, in order to fight pain and not to exalt it.
To sum up: The one who suffers more, is not more spiritual. At the same time, is not less certain that the one who suffers and overcomes the traumas of a great pain, has given a great advance in his growth, in his development as a person and also spiritually.
Because he did not remain, exalting the pain of the wounds in the body, soul and heart, and these have not made him believed in this truth, but in the truth that gave him joy, happiness and love and this is the truth that increases faith, joy and love.
We don’t mistreat a child to teach him pain, on the contrary, we avoid his suffering and we move him away from pain.Love and suffering can be present if we allow them.
But pain does not deserve to be the reason of spirituality and the foundation of faith. Because faith and spirituality and all good, will not be born from pain, but from the absence of it.The real man strengthens himself on Peace.
This is a path of development and continuity in the science and in the art of living.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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