Saturday, April 04, 2009

For Those persons who evade Reality

If what you want out of life are leftovers, then to evade is your purpose. But this is something very sad, it is a sentence. How can you ever learn something, how can you be yourself, if you only copy from others and you don't awaken to your own identity.
There are many forms to evade, and all are terrible, all bring desolation. Among them, are: Idleness, procrastination and also, violence, bitterness, irritation. And why is this? Because we are evading love and friendship. We are not living but we are dying slowly within our own loneliness. The one who evades is not capable, on the contrary he/she self condemns.
We all have been called to have dreams and to make them come true. But by evading, we will never accomplish anything. And we will be in the darkness, in the shadows, in the emptiness. And, nevertheless, the one who evades, wants to reach everything and to fill everything, but does not want to give anything in return. And he will be left in a path twisted with selfishness and self repugnance.
It is like a flower that moves away from the sun and the rain, then, this flower withers without color and aroma. But all this does not have to keep happening.
Life must be lived with interest, joy and fullness.
God has established the world to be a place of love, understanding and total expression of life. It is a path, in which the different steps are taken by an active and conscious participation, where we unite every day to the own torrent of universal divine love, since only by living consciously, man will reach his destiny.
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