Friday, April 10, 2009

The Power of Truth

To live, is a great opportunity to be all the Good, we can be. We don't need wings as the angels, but certainly, that would be nice. The reason to become the best is very simple, that Good will be our own good. That Truth will be light that will illuminate our life and the lives of all who surround us.
There are other alternatives of life, where we can reach glory and power very fast but this will be as a house founded under moving sand, with a crystal palace on top, which will break anytime. And those lies will spread by our path and it would be house of deceit and infidelity. For some persons, not facing reality can be a method of life, but is not a safe path.
But, great investments in order to live and to dream are: effort, work, dedication, determination and long hours dedicated to achieve our goals, to become a true person, surrounded by great human beings, with whom to share sincerity, honesty and devotion.
God, Who sees into our heart, into our reasons, will exalt the just and humiliate the insincere, whose heart is based only on vanity and we don't want this. We want to be solid bridge, we want God watching over us and when we claim to Him, we want Him to be present and call us by our name, because we are children of the Light, and His Light, always have to reflect.


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Michelle Kafka said...

Interesting piece. Reminds me of time. Happy Easter!

bennet said...

such a nice post sent by you..its truth that we are utilizing our opportunity given by god..i appreciate ....