Saturday, August 29, 2009

When You Open the Heart. Mystical Contemplation

When you open the heart, the truth will reveal. Nevertheless, an easy comprehension will not happen because it is the language of the silence and the human mind is not capable of understanding this word, but there is a thin, narrow and delicate path, that is the discernment, which contemplates the spiritual eye.
When virtue is exalted, then, the mystical contemplation and the humility raise and reveals you more than the light of the sun. Be cautious, patient and diligent; that knowledge is not a fleeting word and is not an argument for a doctrinal combat either. It is always near the spiritual revelation.
Knowing the essence of the things and knowing, is to extend your deep look in a spiritual horizon, where you do not need words, because beauty has overcome wisdom.
And then you are not you, any longer but only the reality. Then, the blue of the sky and of the deep sea have melted, as the reason and the word, as the look of two beings in love that even though you separate them and put distance among them, you will never be able to truly separate them.
In this way the spiritual action becomes the real happening which has discovered the permanent thing. Be conscious that truth overcomes wisdom since his aroma is the beauty of the spirit that appeases, calms and solves everything as if you would take clear and pure water in a glass. You will be satiated of all thirst and the supreme experience stays. Since the truth has a name that few persons can repeat and this is unconditional Love.
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