Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Art of Living. For Reflection

Life, is a Divine gift and has more than a single meaning. This is known when we learn the art of living. The stages of consciousness and work are very important. This is meant by appreciation and starts with a series of stages.
We will begin with one that is the center of all, since all coincide in it.
Responsibility : Before my eyes intertwines the mystery of life and I ask myself :
What is this ? What is my place and my role ? Where do I belong ? Where should I go ?
We all, somewhat, have asked these same questions because we have discovered many conditions, urgencies, talents, virtues, needs and requirements.
Responsibility is an inner call to do, to act, to define, to make concrete, to accomplish, to dream and to live in fullness.
When responsibility calls, it means that we have reached the height and maturity to understand that our actions have consequences and that from these consequences, ties and relationships with life itself arise.
Responsibility is an spiritual light which allows me to see wonderful treasures in front of me. It helps to distinguish what I want and also to take care and protect what is happening since the culture of good and of the accomplished work, is internalized.
Responsibility is as an angel, it illuminates my path. Because it talks without words, telling me which is the destiny, and what is most important, it unites me with the destiny of the ocean of life. Because I am not alone, I share my happiness and sadness. I share a testimony of my feelings and thoughts because I also canalize my intention of transforming what I feel and I think. But, besides, and this is most important, I listen to the heartbeat of the others, as my own heart. Because responsibility makes me understand that my actions will bring the others as well as me, a seed that will germinate, a tree that will give fruits or a tree that will not give fruits or only a desert if I don’t work in the search for good.
Responsibility is more than a term, more than a word. It may seem as a heavy burden to carry but all these are passing uneasiness. Because only the responsible person is the person who knows how to Love.
I have to say wonderful things about Responsibility, like : Everything that I have given, everything that I have learned, and everything that I need to learn. Because, I have seen the ties and connections and the importance of everything in existence, in which, I have appreciated the order of life. And every day, I am able to have a better understanding that nothing happens by chance, that God exists, that He is the cause and origin of the spirit, of responsibility itself.
Since all that has been created, sustains all that has grown. And I contemplate in this the grandiosity of God and His unlimited Love.
How to become responsible ? There are many paths, but it all starts with a first step and this arises, awakes, blooms, when we start asking ourselves whether we want to live, taking life with direction, control, balance and equilibrium , where things will not happen by accident or by chance but that we will be really interested in effective changes in the direction that we establish.
What to do when responsibility hurts you ? Each one of the beings who exist in the whole universe have a reason to be. We all participate interactively by being and by feeling. All this extends to everything in existence because we all take from all, in one or other way.
Life is not possible if we are not united to what is happening in the lives of the others.
This is the reason that our actions affect others and the actions of others affect us. In many occasions, all these relationships become a pressure which is too big and too painful.
And is explained as follows : Responsibility is not only to assume a leading role, rather it is necessary, to become prepared to be able to confront each of the many situations that we will have to face in life.
But if we assume responsibilities without realizing its implications the moment will come when we will break our limits and then will be too late.
Pain comes when we have gone beyond what we can reach and worries start to rise. The subject is important because to be responsible does not mean to assume everything, it means to weigh our capacity and to find how to be more efficient.
When we are too involved already , and is almost impossible to get out of the conflict, this is what causes pain, this is what causes conflict. We, then try to blame life even blame God. It is much better to be aware of our capacity and be very careful. And when reaching extremes, we have to take each one of the situations with due dignity, in which we must find order.
This is the reason that the conscious preparation must always be present.
We should never avoid to reflect about each one of the responsibilities that we take.
Responsibilities reach many persons in a painful way because they acted without weighing consequences and if we act like this, we can hurt many innocents.
Sadly, this happens every day, we hurt the ones that we say we love, we hurt our loved ones and strangers, by example, we hurt the couple, we hurt the child that we brought to life when we don’t give him care and attention.
This happens because life is not to do and to undo, as a drawing on a paper. Life is something very beautiful, very important and filled with deep consequences.
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