Saturday, November 14, 2009

The meaning of Living

Author and Artist-Oscar Basurto Carbonell

The meaning of living is not only to exist in a form, in a body with different ideas and emotions in time and space since life has a purpose that is not wealth, is not power, is not happiness, is not health, is not joy, is not pleasure. And this does not mean that the above is exclusive, but life is much more than this and that, it is even more than what is conceivable, or unthinkable.
Life from the deepest spiritual perspective is not the kind of life that I can reach or achieve but what I mean, is not exclusive to this either.
Let’s define: Life means that I will not be and will not live in me but God – excuse the presumption, will live in me. Let me not decide or smile, or cry, but God will, because He will exalt me to the greatest magnitude when He lives in me and for me.This knowledge is the supreme explanation of holiness and of the spiritual path and there will not be highest perspective of life but when God makes His Will.
Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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