Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mystic Healing Art

"Rainbow of Love"
Original Oil on Canvas
This Art is a profound instrument of meditation and abstraction, that takes us to a mystical experience, clearly defined, in which we learn to see that other spaces and times exist inside us. When we change the reference of the superior reality, then, we realize that this reality is based on a universal rather than on an individual vision and perception. The "I" is not contained in the space of the present but in the universe.
Man and the universe are energies flowing and only this stage of knowledge allows to understand that the universe is a whole of vital energetic emanations.
We all are included in the Call of the Spirit, which is a sustainable good. The human destiny is a common destiny altogether, since the Earth is like a great ship traveling by the space, as one man, searching for his destiny. We all are one and one we are all.
The meditation in the Mystic Healing Art develops and amplifies our experience with the Cosmos in such a way that permits a consciousness without the frontiers of thought, time and space. It begins with the awakening of the consciousness of the inner space.
You only need a few seconds to have the experience:
Contemplate the artwork. Then, close your eyes.You will discover the energy flowing and moving inside you. This means that the process of communication between you and the universe has been initiated.

Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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