Saturday, May 29, 2010

Does God abandon us?

The history of humanity shows that man and God -many times, seem to abandon each other, but it is certain that as much as man exists, God also exists and life is a process to know Him, to know us, to find, discover and be united. But there are rules, norms, foundations and laws.
In order to know God, is necessary to open to Him, allowing Him to be our guide, the captain of the ship of our life, the torch of light, that illuminates our darkness and to ask Him to be the wisdom in our lives. But God is much more.
God is not hidden in an image, or in the force of nature. God is known through an spiritual experience of Love and Love must be completely consequent.
If I don't look for true Love, the Love of God, His peace, presence, direction, then, I can't find Him. I can't find Him in violence, or lies, or hate, rancor or indifference towards my fellow men. I will find God in fidelity to Love, in mercy, compassion, reflection, even in the sacred sacrifice, where we offer the best of ourselves.
Prayer, by example, is essential in order to know God. The knowledge of God, also is, in some way, to move away from evil. God wants to invest us within, with sensibility, tenderness and humility.
God is faithful, nobody is as faithful as He is and his Love is infinite. We know this by faith, but not a faith based on dead word or written word, we know Him, with faith, in the active experience of the practice, always renewed with devotion and compassion.
Faith is the experience of growing in Love, living the Love, not only looking at it, contemplating or studying from far but from near, as near that we will know that God lives as the Lord of our life, heart, actions, feelings and thoughts.
God will never abandon us but we might think that when awful things happen, that God either has abandoned us or He is punishing us, but in truth, God is always sustaining the life of the whole universe, calling us to communicate with Him, in the experience of saintliness, in the acknowledgement of His Great Love that forgives everything and invites us to be part of Him and with Him.
The most important point of the spiritual experience is the Love of the Father to the Son and of the Son to the Father.
Jesus is the truth, the life, and the way. Those who feel abandoned by God, is that they don't know Jesus. When they look for him, their lives will open like a book and He will guide and accompany them.
There are no promises of greatness and riches of the material world but there is more greatness and riches in the spiritual world which will abound and there will be peace and Love. And with these foundations of life, life will be conquered, every suffering will be overcome and every sensation of abandonment will be left behind because God will never abandon us since His Love never ends.
Jesus, Jesus, I clamor for You and I claim in You, Truth and the whole life. You are the promise of Love, You are my only destiny, you are all my Love.
Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Inspirational Video: Love Story
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