Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Natural Expression of the Spirit

The universe is the perfect work of the Creator. This creation has all the laws, norms, paths and avenues as time and space.

Man, as a creature inspired by the grandiosity of Goodness and Love, appreciates and feels the happiness and rhythm of life. He, then evokes this mystery and wonder by shaping it in different ways, as painting, music, poetry, sculpture, etc.
Mystic Healing Art is based on this dimension, which means, of this world and other worlds . It is shaped by the synergy of several parallel universes. Some are visible and others are invisible. At the same time, it takes from the same source of creation, the active and dynamic principles, that gave and give place to life.
By example : Color, form, essence and substance, that reflect with dignity the outer and inner worlds.
Man as well as the universe are both protagonists of life and they are inseparable since together , they were born and they are complement of an invisible unity . For this reason , man is a natural artist and art is the natural expression of the powerful and sublime human sensibility , which has its origin in the Creator Himself since art and man are a sign that life is not a coincidence but rather the action of existing in fullness.
Because art is feeling , energy , rhythm , balance , equilibrium , harmony that interweaves the whole life . And this active principle of been , makes creation , to get the characteristics of a beauty, beyond all that is material.
Art is objective, worthy, subjective, inner and outer. Also, is primordial, fundamental, practical, dynamic and vital.
What is the cause of all this? The answer is simple and profound : The work of man is also, movement of spiritual energy because art has arisen from inspiration and from the effort of work, dedication, tenacity, persistence, self analysis, sense of self criticism, reasoning, surrender, love, passion, loyalty, fidelity, magic, mystery and many other things, which represent a single sharing. They shape, in some way, the invisible and going beyond words, they are living purpose in a complete work that always aspires that Truth prevails.
Art is then, message and messenger, love and lover, that between lights and shadows, between to make and to die, expresses the feeling, the meaning of why to be and for what to live.
The Mystic Healing Art holds the elements that give structure to life since the dimension of color and form brings not only orientation but a portal to look at -without any veils, to what’s good and what’s good in the eyes of the one who looks at and feels.
Even more, by the universe been vibration of color and form combined with a particular condition and formula, they reveal universal principles of equilibrium and balance since color and its different shades, do not happen by chance but rather, they are the right source that gives place to life and its rhythms.
Color expresses, form transmits and both move the necessary energy for life to continue giving equilibrium and balance, while establishing parameters of sublime and wonderful energy that calms the mind, that allows the natural expression of the spirit.

Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Inspirational Art
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Frank Zweegers said...

I agree with you totaly! And what a nice art you make. I like it a lot!