Saturday, July 31, 2010

What is Mystic Healing Art

Painting is to express hope, dreams, illusions in a blank and empty canvas, it is a window or superior reality inviting us now to look, to contemplate the presence of the light made color, movement and inner language.
Each painting represents a bit of a mystical vision, of a power hardly known and much less reached.
The painting grasps in itself the energy of life and its warmth is its color. Its movement is the combination of colors and glazing that call and evoke the passion of a vibrant spirit in presence and essence made image now.
The painting reflects the nature of the inner life, the same universe and the ethereal and subtle forces that compose it. Painting is the plastic way of expressing the perfect choreography of life.
Contemplate, enjoy, experience it, vibrate, delight, expand yourself in the serene calm, in the depth of the meditation that begins in the eyes and expands to the heart.
The painting is like intimacy, like the forces and powers of the whole universe, it is a kiss and visual embrace, which call you and which also are yours now.
Fuse yourself with the painting like iron in the fire, by your gazing with the expression of art and be the best of what you can be: the one who contemplates a supernatural space, filled with light, color and inspiration.

Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
The Gift of Collaboration. Requesting your help with translations

The Collector's Corner: Paintings have always been the soul of many elegant decorated home or business since they show a lot about the character of the owners. A collection of paintings gives an extraordinary sense of originality and uniqueness to the homes and corporate offices.
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