Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love is....

To be able to understand about love

is necessary to experience it

with our whole being .

Not only with the heart

with the mind and the body .

But also

love has to go above itself .

Love should not be limited

and should never be conditioned .

Love has to be spontaneous

fresh and renovated .

And full of a loyal and ardent

commitment .

Love has to be pure , candid

but intense and passionate

at the same time .

Love has to be whole and balanced

total and sensitive .

And why not say it ?

Love has to give from itself

so much

that it unites

itself with the beloved .

In this way

the morning receives

the daylight

and the darkness of the night

dissipates .

Love is like this ,

it discovers , reveals ,

shows , teaches

and always and on each case

surrenders with humility .

But it has the strength of the sea

the potency of lightning

and the tenderness of a flower .

Love is more that words .

It rules among feelings

and passions

but it also elevates

from the all and the nothing .

Love is not only a kiss ,

love is every day's kiss

is every instant's kiss

which always lives

in the heart

of the one who loves

and in the heart of the beloved.
Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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