Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deeply Profound. For Reflection

Truly profound is what touches the soul and also returns to the surface transformed in something greater. Because the inner being, always has something more to give in return; that is the reason that it is always sought to give, more than, to receive.

If -by example, you plant a seed with dedication and love, some day soon, you will see the flower.
Deeply rooted, is what makes yours, what was not, because it touched you somewhat, because you accepted it unconditionally.

Let's say you meet a person any given day, who is completely unknown to you, but after some time, you realize that the person is very special. And the unknown person becomes, the person that you like and call friend. And if the feeling is deeper, you call it love, and when this is truly rooted, it will be even above death.

Deep is the heart that opens its door; it is deep when the secret of affection has been understood because it has been nourished with sweetness and gentleness.

Deep is the valley and it is deep because you look at it from a distance, and while you do it, you think that you want to be there and although deep and distant, you already overcame the challenge and the distance because you are convinced and at the same time compromised with the depth that has been born in the superior desire of the dream, the adventure, the illusion, whatever could be, because you already have an intention and that is why, you have a goal and one thousand happy moments in that goal. And the fact is it always has very much to give.

-Author and Artist; Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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