Saturday, November 06, 2010

Two Doves. For Reflection

Two doves, male and female were playing the game of love, they were flying, almost touching their wings, but without touching. Every day by dusk, they would approach more and more. But one day, the male did not arrive, neither the next day and the female wondered, what could have happened. The third and fourth day passed and the female grew in anguish and in that anguish she discovered that it was not only a game, it was wooing, the magic of love was calling them.

When the female realized this, she flew higher, trying to find his male and when she saw a white wing, she hurriedly flew there, but the cruel surprise of destiny was that the recently found love, had found other destiny. The male was contemplating another female and together they were building a nest.

When the female saw this, she took a fast turn and flew away from him, better said, from them.
The female dove crying in her heart asked heaven for an answer:

-Why love, why my love, did you abandon me?

-I would have never abandoned you, you only saw me the day that you lost me.

 When love arrived to your life, you did not take him, you let him fly and he flew away from your destiny because you never gave him the warmth of a home.

Was the answer he received.

-Art and Teachings to nourish your soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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